The Golde Family

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, 2020 was certainly a tough year. Our hearts break for those who have lost loved ones, or who are suffering from loneliness during these heartbreaking times. 2021 and the promise of a vaccine are close at hand; better days are on the horizon. Time seems to be flying by, and while our kids are growing up and moving out, Peter and I continue to feel blessed and grateful for our family’s health and happiness and our continuing love for one another.

Emily is a SENIOR at the University of Washington and turned 21 in October. We are so proud of her political activism, her commitment to her education and her care for Brian. Post college, Emily plans to work for a year and then apply to Law School. Emily is in a committed, long term relationship with Brendon Davis, who is has applied to Medical School and currently works in research at the University of Washington. Our home is always filled with laughter when she is around.

Eric is a sophomore at Pacific Lutheran University where he continues his studies in Computer Science. While always happy, this year has been exceptionally joyful for Eric as he was hired at a local haunted forest where he spent much of each week programming animations and maintaining livestream feeds. Although moving home and continuing coursework from his bedroom has not been ideal, Beth has loved having him home again. As Eric’s job was so time intensive, this was the first year our house was not decorated for Halloween.

Brian turned 18 this year and has been hard at work submitting college applications. Contenders: University of Washington, UNC, NC State, Baylor, and Gonzaga. While Beth is hoping he will stay in Washington, the warmer weather in the South make those schools more enticing. Like his sister, Brian is passionate about politics and it was a joy that he was a part of our family for the election. Brian enjoys trivia, music, and cooking. Despite a heavily curtailed season, Brian played varsity golf for his high school team. In his free time Brian can be found strumming his guitar, building Lego with Peter, or watching any professional sports game on TV.

Our little girl is 16, and as a Junior at the Bush School, has begun the process of thinking about college. While the pandemic has been incredibly difficult for many students, our introverted daughter has thrived. Remote learning for Ava has meant more time for reading and knitting. This summer Ava discovered both hiking and running. She, Beth, and Peter were able to hike at and around Mt. Rainier several times this summer. With school in session, Ava can be seen hitting the pavement and the trails around our house most days of the week. She spends her free time reading, knitting, and riding her horse. Ava submitted her Master Project (Level One) to the Knitting Guild of America this year; a culmination of a year’s work of reading, researching, and knitting through a specific curriculum. We are so proud of her perseverance and diligence.

Beth is finishing the last year of her second term on the Hamlin Robinson School Board. She spends her days caring for her family, knitting, volunteering (mostly all over Zoom these days) and enthralled with her dogs. Until recently she has been volunteering in-person as a tutor, but the steep increase in COVID numbers has put that on pause for the time being.

Peter is the most caring and wonderful son a mother could hope for. Marcy sadly is confined to her home at the Mirabella, but Peter is available when needed to troubleshoot computer issues and has been out to the family cabin on the coast with his mom several times. He is still running despite some nagging knee and foot pains, not relishing the fact that Ava is as fast (faster?!) than he is. Peter was very active during the election, working phone banks in several different states. If you live in Georgia, Ohio, or Pennsylvania he may just have found you at home!

We think often of those who are no longer with us and miss them deeply. We have gratitude for the blessings of our home, the food we have and for living in a safe and free country. We give thanks for you—our family and friends. With you in our lives there is peace, joy and laughter.