The Golde Family

For the Golde Family, 2019 was a magical year filled with jubilance, elation, glee, sorrow, grief, and new beginnings. The events of this year, with the highest of highs and the heartbreak of profound loss, brought us even closer together in our love and care for each other.

Emily: Emily is a Junior at the University of Washington and has been accepted into the Law, Society, and Justice Department. At 20, she is living with seven other students in a lovely home close to campus. This summer she drove with her roommates to Banff National Park and worked many shifts at Starbucks. She is planning on spending Christmas with her boyfriend Brendon and his family in Spokane. We will miss her but are so proud and excited that we are able to share in her happy life.

Eric: Eric (18) is a Freshman at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, where he is thriving! Eric is so happy to be out on his own, eating French fries at every meal, and studying Computer Science. Eric lives for Halloween and this year once again, created a haunted house with his friend Patrick that was visited by hundreds of young trick or treaters. Eric spends his free time creating incredible animated props and is always on the lookout for new (read: large) and interesting things to store in our garage.

Brian: Brian Walker (17), our nephew and Emily’s brother, joined our family in August, moving to Bellevue from Apex, North Carolina. A Junior at Sammamish High School, Brian played Varsity Golf and is a part of the DECA team. Brian loves all things sports and is constantly teaching us fascinating tidbits and amazing us with his knowledge. To celebrate his arrival, we bought season tickets to the University of Washington football games (Go Huskies!) and Peter, Brian and Beth enjoyed the Apple Cup. Brian is simply a joyful presence and a gift to our whole family.

Ava: At 15, Ava has her driving permit and has been out on the road, cruising around in the Mini Cooper that seemed to fall into our laps in June. A sophomore at The Bush School, Ava has become passionate about history. Ava is still actively knitting and plans to enter several pieces of her art at the State Fair in September. Ava is an avid equestrian, who spends the daylight hours on weekends and in the summer with her horse Jamie.

For Peter and me, this year was a testament to the love we share for each other. We experienced many big life events and shared many raw emotions. Peter’s father Hellmut, the rock and head of our family, passed away on April 17, our twentieth wedding anniversary. While his passing was and still is painful for us, we will cherish his memory each year as we celebrate our own commitment to each other. Shortly after Hellmut’s passing, our son, and first born graduated from high school. Aside from making us feel old, we were extremely proud and excited for Eric. As you know, Eric’s passion for electricity has always lit up our house. His animated personality, his laugher, curiosity, happiness and kindness kept our home from being quiet, dark and more often, clean and organized! The addition of Brian into our family lessened the sadness (for Beth!) of having Eric move into the dorms.

We think often of those who are no longer with us and miss them deeply. We have gratitude for the blessings of our home, the food we have and for living in a safe and free country. We give thanks for you—our family and friends. With you in our lives there is peace, joy and laughter.